Coghlan’s Two Step Drinking Water Treatment Tablets


Includes Coghlan’s Emergency Drinking Water Germicidal Tablets and Neutralizer. Makes questionable water bacteriologically safe to drink – with no iodine taste or color. Proven effective against Giardia.


Emergency Drinking Water Germicidal Tablets and Neutralizer are intended for emergency disinfection of drinking water. When used as directed, they make most water bacteriologically suitable for drinking. Not to be used on a continuous basis. For short term or limited emergency use only. Treats up to 25 quarts.

• Easy to use. No unpleasant taste
• Iodine-based compound (no chlorine)

E.P.A. Reg. No. 79533-1-37257
E.P.A. Est. No. 79533-WI-1 For more information click here.

Coghlan’s Drinking Water Treatment pills are an United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) registered product and are labeled for use as a water purification product. This product is not to be used for radiation exposure or any other use that is inconsistent with the advertised label directions. Failure to do so is illegal under Federal Law.


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